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Top 10 easy to maintain cars in Nigeria

Top 10 easy to maintain cars in Nigeria

Some cars are easy to maintain while we have those that can leave a hole in your pocket.
One of the reasons the Toyota brand is so popular in Nigeria is because it is cheap to maintain.

Most drivers understand the value of regular car maintenance but the daily hassles of life coupled with the cost of a decent maintenance check often get lost in a world of tumbling priorities. The implication of this is that by default, basic car maintenance suffers.In this article, Cheki Nigeria, an online platform for car buyers and sellers takes a look at some of the top easy to maintain cars in Nigeria.

1. Toyota Corolla

In the category of small cars, the Toyota Corolla is reliable in terms of maintenance and affordability. This explains why a growing number of Nigerians have a crush on this car. It’s the least expensive car to service on our list of easy to maintain cars.

Servicing a Toyota Corolla would cost you an average of N130,000 per year. Just ensure that when you’re buying, you buy your car from a trusted dealer/online platform. You don’t want to buy a car that’s almost dead and not expect to spend a fortune repairing it. The Acura TL belongs to a similar category but its maintenance cost of N444, 600 falls on the high side.

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2. Honda Accord

If you’re looking for a sedan car to buy and you have your eyes on easy to maintain cars, the Honda Accord is a good choice. It has a lot of space and sits in the forefront of sedan cars on the strength of its projected maintenance and repair cost.

The annual maintenance cost for the Honda Accord sits around an average of N134,000. The KIA Optima falls into the same category with this Honda Accord but its maintenance cost of N240,000 per year.

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3. Toyota Avalon

If you’ve got your eyes and heart on buying a car within the category of large cars that are easy to maintain, consider going for the Toyota Avalon. Your maintenance budget for this car falls around an average of N147,000 annually. The Nissan Sentra falls into a similar car category but it has a maintenance cost of N269,000 per annum.

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Did you know that the XL version of the Toyota Camry is considered highly dependable by car experts and revered for its easy to maintain cost?

4. Ford Mustang

Do you love sports cars? Are you in need of a sports car that is easy to maintain? If you are planning to buy one, the Ford Mustang also known as the ‘Pony Car’ leads the list of easy to maintain sports cars going by its projected inexpensive servicing cost. The Ford Mustang is a good choice for you especially if you are fishing among mainstream car brands. Car enthusiasts believe that if you have to worry about the cost of maintaining a Bugatti or Bentley, then you just can’t afford it. The maintenance cost for a Ford Mustang sits at an average of N180,000 per year. The BMW 328i would make a sine substitute in terms of car type but its maintenance cost of N571,600 disqualifies it from this list.

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5. Honda CR-V

In the category of compact/midsize SUVs, the Honda CR-V is a darling. There are 3 things you should know about the Honda CR-V – It stands out as one of the original compact crossovers. It is Honda’s highest car model. It is only slightly more expensive than the Honda Accord in terms of maintenance and repair works. It would cost you an average of N145,000 to maintain a Honda CR-V. The Honda Pilot rides in a similar car category but its maintenance cost of N413,200 per year is expensive.

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6. Nissan Pathfinder

If you’re shopping for a large SUV, the Nissan Pathfinder Crossover SUV leads the race of easy to maintain cars. Its repair and maintenance charges are truly affordable despite not being one of the top sellers within its category. The cost of maintenance and repair falls somewhere at an average of N155,000 per year.

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7. Honda Odyssey

Minivans generally enjoy a maintenance and repair costs that are low but the Honda Odyssey is clearly easy to maintain with an average servicing and repair cost of N150,000 per year. The Dodge Grand Caravan is another beautiful minivan but its maintenance cost of N532,000 makes it a more affordable option.

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8. Toyota Tacoma

The category of compact/midsize pickup trucks has an array of players but the Toyota Tacoma stays ahead of the competition by a modest difference. One factor you should bear in mind when shopping for pickup trucks goes with its size. The big models cost more to maintain when compared with the smaller versions. The maintenance and repair cost of a Toyota Tacoma is pegged at an average of N152,000 per year.

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9. Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck and in this category, it is widely known in the circle of pickup trucks for its low repair and maintenance costs. It, however, comes with a broad assortment of engines and configurations but a broad estimate for its maintenance cost stands at N192,000 per year.

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10. Nissan Titan XD

The average cost of maintaining and repairing the Nissan Titan X per year sits at an average of N165,000 and this is largely because it is a heavy-duty pickup truck. The Ram 1500 belongs to the same car category as the Nissan Titan XD but it is more expensive to maintain with an annual maintenance cost of N488,000.

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Final Thoughts

The maintenance and repair costs highlighted in this piece cover regular maintenance checks such as inspecting things like oil and coolant levels, the air filter, tire pressure and tread depth, oil and filter, headlights, turn signals, brake, parking lights, tyres, car wax, transmission fluid, shocks and struts, transfer case fluid, coolant system, spark plugs, serpentine belt and differentials.

Before you buy any car, it is recommended that you buy from a trusted online car platform that will go the extra mile of helping you find, verify and test drive your next car with ease.

Writer: yinka ogunlami
Published: 04/23/2018
Source: Pulse. Ng



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