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The Dangers Of Driving With One Headlight At Night

The Dangers Of Driving With One Headlight At Night

Driving at night in Nigeria can be a death trap. You just have to be very careful if you must drive at night.

Please, if you must enter the road with your car at night (most especially highway), make sure both headlights of your car are working properly. If one of them is bad or completely blind, ensure you have your Hazard lights (aka “one-way-light”) ON until you get the headlights fixed.


Keeping the Hazard lights ON can be a life saver.

You may not know how deadly it can be using one headlight at night especially when it comes to all these heavy duty vehicles. One bling headlight at night can be very deceptive and can lead to head-on collision if care us not taken.

If your Hazard lights are not working too, just leave you car at home and walk.

Writer: Nwogbunyama Emeka
Published: March 20, 2019
Source: auto josh
Photo Credit: Central Western Daily

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