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Next Tesla Model S is in The World Top Fastest-Accelerating Cars 2020

Next Tesla Model S is in The World Top Fastest-Accelerating Cars 2020

To have a record is an honor and a good advertisement for the automaker. Therefore, many companies are striving to create a sports car that will become the fastest in the world. Of course, the absolute records belong to unique experimental models, but they are inaccessible to consumers. Serial supercars are much more accessible, although some of them stand out as the most affordable.

The fastest cars in the world come in many shapes and sizes. Autocar published The top fastest-accelerating cars in the world 2020.

This list is based on manufacturers’ official claimed times, and only includes production cars. Modified models and track-only machines don’t make the grade. No one-foot rollout acceleration runs, either. To make it into the British magazine’s list, a car must boast a 0-60 mph time below 3.0 seconds.

he top fastest-accelerating cars in the world 2020

  1. Ultima Evolution Coupé, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – 2.3sec to 60 mph
  2. Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, Bugatti Chiron – 2.4s to 60 mph
  3. Porsche 918 Spyder, Koenigsegg One: 1 – 2.5sec to 60 mph
  4. Rimac Concept One – 2.5sec to 60mph
  5. Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) – 2.6s to 60mph
  6. Hennessy Venom GT – 2.7s to 60mph
  7. Caterham 620R, 2.79s to 60mph
  8. McLaren P1, BAC Mono – 2.8s to 60mph
  9. Ferrari F8 Tributo, McLaren 620R, Lamborghini Huracán Evo – 2.9s to 60mph

The Raven Tesla Model S Performance ranks second on this list, which is an incredible result given that it is a four-door sedan. Moreover, the cost of an electric car of the California automaker is significantly lower than any of those on this list.

The Tesla team has developed a stunning car with stunning performance, the cost of which is beyond competition. Model S is a benchmark not only for manufacturers of electric vehicles, but even manufacturers of gasoline vehicles.

Writer: Eva Fox

Published: 20 April, 2020

Source: Tesmanian

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