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Many Nigerians shy away from buying car insurance as they consider it to be an unnecessary expense. However, insurance is actually compulsory by law, and serves as invaluable protection much like any other insurance.  It’s not just about the legality though; much like Cartrack’s superior vehicle recovery gives you peace of mind, auto insurance lessens the worry that theft or an accident could ruin you financially. Insurance is designed to put you back in to the same position you were in before the loss or damage occurred. This is done either financially, where you receive an amount equivalent to the cost of […]

More Details Of 2022 Lexus LX 600 Leak, Including A Possible Bulletproof LX 600 VIP

More details of upcoming flagship 2022 Lexus LX 600 SUV leak, including a possible range-topping bulletproof LX 600 VIP.  Rumours suggest the flagship Lexus LX 600 could forego the V8 from the LX 570 and use the new V6 engines in the new-generation LC 300. Last week, during the unveiling of the Lexus NX Crossover, Toyota luxury division provided us with the first glimpse of what appears to be the upcoming Lexus LX 600 SUV. As part of the new NX’s reveal, a big SUV with styling of the LX 570 was hidden under a car cover – with Lexus confirming the hidden […]


You could be driving around and not know that your tire pressure is low or too high—which is also dangerous. The tire looks full. The car is moving. Unfortunately, a tire doesn’t have to look flat or bloated to have bad tire pressure. Knowing how to check tire pressure based on manufacturer specifications and driving conditions can help save you money on tires and gas. It will also prevent nasty blowouts, flats, needless accidents and damage to your alignment. Let’s check out how every driver, regardless of mechanical skills, can perform this simple maintenance measure. Why Tire Pressure is Important […]