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If you ask the internet to name the world’s toughest car, you get the same answer every time: the Toyota Hilux. It is utterly unyielding: there are endless tales of the lengths people will go to in trying to destroy it, most famously by Top Gear. In a breathless example of vehicle cruelty, Clarkson and chums took an elderly 1988 model with 200,000 miles on the clock and tried to batter it to death. They dropped it, drowned it, crashed it into a tree and an office, flattened it with a caravan and then hit it with a wrecking ball. All to no avail. The Toyota won.

That legendary sturdiness has seen it driven to both the North and South poles – and all points in between. In the almost 50 years since it was launched in Japan, more than 18m have been sold. It’s easily Europe’s best-selling pick-up and the workhorse of choice for thousands of businesses.


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