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Lagonda All-Terrain Concept Revealed at Geneva

Lagonda All-Terrain Concept Revealed at Geneva
  • Aston Martin’s Lagonda brand dedicated to zero-emissions powertrains
  • All-Terrain Concept links to the Vision Concept revealed at Geneva in 2018
  • New electric adds a sense of adventure to futuristic luxury SUVs
  • Production of Lagonda vehicles begins in Wales in 2022

With its battery-electric drivetrain and svelte styling, the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept debuting at the Geneva Motor Show is a luxurious SUV of the near future, which highlights Aston Martin’s push toward a future vehicle range driven exclusively by zero-emissions powertrains. Lagonda, which aims to be the world’s first zero-emissions luxury brand, says the production version of the All-Terrain Concept will be built in 2022 at St. Athan in Wales, at a new state-of-the-art facility considered to be Aston Martin Lagonda’s “home of electrification.”

Luxury and modern design in harmony

The All-Terrain Concept — which builds on the design and materials first seen in the Lagonda Vision Concept — is a vehicle that can transport people to remote locations. Lagonda also says it demonstrates that luxury and modern design can exist in harmony.

.Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer, says: “The Lagonda All-Terrain Concept adds a hugely exciting sense of adventure to the unique brand of luxury, emission-free vehicles that Lagonda is planning to produce. This is a car that would be at home whisking someone straight from a glamorous red-carpet event to a remote scientific research lab. It shows the bold possibilities for Lagonda and demonstrates how the company will push to expand horizons in every area, whether it be technology, design or scope of travel.”

The All-Terrain Concept takes some design inspiration from super yachts. This is evident in the rear-leaning gesture of the vehicle’s belt line, together with futuristic surfacing and shapes that look as if they were created by “huge, planetary forces of gravity fields.”

Details, details:

Neat details abound: The batteries are stored low in the floor, the back doors are rear-hinged, and the taillights feature a light strip set into the wide clamshell hatch, with hidden LEDs beamed downward and reflected out in attractive fashion. There’s also a pull-out rear shelf that’s hidden and flush with the body when stored. When pulled out, the shelf provides a handy platform on which to survey the landscape.

The most futuristic element is the All-Terrain Concept’s key. Thanks to the world of strong electromagnets, the key floats when it’s placed in position, levitating in a spot between the front seats. We wonder if that will reach production.

Inside, the Vision Concept has four seats, and while you can rotate the fronts 180 degrees during autonomous operation, Aston expects the car to be more often controlled by the driver during the types of journeys it can undertake. There’s a dark theme to the cabin; Lagonda says it’s trying to make it feel like a seamless transition between the vehicle and the owner’s home.

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Lagonda: Looking to the future

“We imagined that the owner would be a sort of pioneering yet environmentally conscious person,” explained Aston Martin EVP and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman. “They may well have a luxury villa in a remote place that acts as their sanctuary. As such, the Lagonda brand is unconstrained by the traditional values of current luxury products, it is not about wood and leather, we tried to design the interior to feel very calm and quiet with soft, natural materials like Cashmere. Lagonda reflects a future that is full of unique materials that are not set in the past.”

Writter: Andy Bornhop
Published:March 5, 2019
Source: kelly blue book
Photo Credit: car magazine

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