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How to Start Car Dealing Business in Nigeria | Importing Abroad

How to Start Car Dealing Business in Nigeria | Importing Abroad

How to Start Car Dealing Business in Nigeria | Importing Abroad.

How to Start Car Dealing Business in Nigeria | Have you ever thought about starting up an auto business deal but do not know the procedures? Or breaking free to start a car business of your own?.

Since cars are really patronized these days, if you would love to start a car dealing business where you can import cars and sell them at home then I got your back with update on how to begin, and requirements. Discard the idea that starting up such business is expensive and risky. Who dat one go epp? Of course everything is expensive and when there’s no risk, there’s no reward.

With the implementation of the auto policy in 2013, this encouraged productions of car in our country, Nigeria. Car business has become a competitive and extremely lucrative deal anyone could venture into. Though, expensive but once you are into it, you would be the cash controller and won’t remember the stress and sleepless nights you had trying to make inventories and get your license.

Without further ado, we will provide you with the steps you need to begin this lucrative business. But before we continue, you may want to ask yourself questions like:

Will the business be a sole proprietor’s business? Will I employ other services? And so on. This it to create a vivid image of how you want your business to be like.

How to Start this Lucrative Business – Car Dealing

1). Before you set up a lot, you should know how many naira will be enough to start up the business at the beginning stage.

2). Get a lot where you will keep the cars and make sure the place is safe.

3). Get to know the brand of cars that are greatly patronized in that area or location you have chosen. The neighbourhood, if it’s a rich neighbourhood that could afford Range rover and classic cars or middle class neighbourhood that could only afford tukumbo and Peugeot cars.

4). Get yourself a car dealer’s license. This is what permits you to buy and sell used or imported cars. The license can be gotten through the websites of your state or hometown’s motor vehicle department.

5). You will be expected to attend your state’s car dealer’s education program to receive orientation on cars issues and related crimes. Exams will be held which you are to pass, from there, investigation of the lot or space you will be using for brokering will be carried out to ascertain the safety if you will have to use the place on a temporary business deal or permanent. Now you’ve gotten your license, next step is to display your cars for sale

6). Visit other auto dealers to get cars from them at cheaper rate.

7). You could open a website to advertise your products for customers and get to know other automobile companies you could partner with.

8). Get an auto repairer, since you are dealing with cars, you should expect damages that would need repairs.

9). As a JJC or novice (I beg your pardon) in the business, it will be advisable to get a professional consultant who you can buy ideas from to manage the lot effectively.

10). You should know the prices of all the cars available in your lot as many dream killers will always surface demanding cars at a rate cheaper that the rate it was bought.

How to Import Cars from Overseas

If you would love to import cars from overseas, then these are the steps to follow to do as desired.

1). You could auction for cars online by visiting some business websites like or

2). Choose from the pictures shown below for full inventory and prices then click to demand the car of your choice that you are capable of purchasing.

3). The cars will be shipped to you after payment.

Or if you would prefer to travel abroad to purchase the car then certain things must be put in place.

1). Locate a company where you can buy the cars at a negotiable rate. Say, if you are purchasing a Toyota hybrid of any year, you could get it at Maryland.

2). If you are travelling there, then you need to have all your papers and licence with you for verification purposes.

3). Go for the fast selling cars and not the ones that will soon become a load to the lot.

4). Pay for the auction price as negotiated which means you must have a concise knowledge on the brand of cars you will be purchasing.

5). You must receive receipts for every purchase that is carried out for reference purposes.

6). The shipping will take place so the cars will be brought down to Nigeria.

7). Clearing and courier of cargo will be done so the vehicles can be shipped down to Nigeria.

Once in Nigeria, business commences fully, no dull moment. This is where you begin keeping records of your day to day sales and expenses. Cost of maintenance and repairs.

When you’ve managed to put the business in proper shape, do not toil with your work but take it seriously if you really want to succeed. With all this steps, I’m sure you won’t have issues starting up an auto dealing business to encourage continuity of flow of money and fast tract our economy the more.

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