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How I find and buy scarce spare parts for cars that are not common in Nigeria

How I find and buy scarce spare parts for cars that are not common in Nigeria
Some cars are not very popular and it gets very difficult when trying to buy scarce spare parts in Nigeria. This article is going to show you all about it! I am sure you have seen some very rare cars on Nigerian roads and you keep wondering where the car owners go to buy spare parts if they ever need one. I mean cars like Alfa-Romeo, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, etc. which are very sparse on Nigerian roads.

Spare parts boxes make car owners happy

We see them but not every day. There has to be somewhere Obafemi Martins would buy his new Lamborghini oil filter from in Nigeria. There also has to be a way Davido buys brake pads for his Bentley Bentayga. How to find and buy scarce spare parts for uncommon cars in Nigeria is what I will be shedding light on today. You have no reason to ditch buying your dream car just because Chinedu in Ladipo almighty spare market doesn’t have the part. The world has gone globally digital and with very few steps, you will have any part of your car brought to your doorstep.


You can never find this Bugatti ignition coil in Nigeria 

If you are thinking of going into the car spare parts business in Nigeria, this is a very important skill for you to have. This guarantees that you will never lose a customer due to to unavailability of spare parts.

So how do you go about buying scarce parts?

There are very simple steps to getting access to scarce spare parts of uncommon cars in Nigeria and it all starts with the means by which you are reading this article right now: the internet.

Step 1: Search for the parts online

The first thing you have to do is to make sure you know the exact name of the part you want to replace – It all starts with getting the name right. In Nigeria, a lot of people know the grille of most cars as ‘basket’. If you go online and search for ‘basket of a 1992 BMW M3’ you won’t see anything sensible. You have to use the word ‘grille’ or ‘front grille’ for more search accuracy. Search for this part on your favorite online mobile store and compare the pictures with your broken part to confirm you are shopping the right part.

Step 2: Check if it can be shipped directly to you

Once you find the spare part you are looking for in an online car parts store, you have to confirm if it can be shipped directly to you in Nigeria. If it cannot be shipped directly, you have to employ the service of shipping companies that are available in the country where the online store has its physical store.


These parts need to be handled with the utmost care, which is why a reputable shipping company should handle it for you

Another thing you can do is to get the address of any friend/family/relative that resides in the country you are buying from and use it as a delivery address for your car part. This way, it can be sent to you through anyone travelling to Nigeria.

Step 3: How to find special parts 

Special parts are parts that you need help from the car manufacturers. For supercars and high-end luxury cars in Nigeria, you need to be sure of the number of parts you will be needing for some certain repairs.


For very special parts like this, talk to the manufacturer directly

For this, you have to mail the car company and log your complaints and problems for them to recommend a proper solution to you. If you drive a Lamborghini and your engine knocks, you have to confirm from Lamborghini the exact amount of parts you will be needing.


Now that you know how to find and buy scarce spare parts for uncommon cars in Nigeria, you would have no problems purchasing any car of your choice whether it is scarce or common in Nigeria.

Writer: CRANK

Date published: 10/20/20


photo credit: PINTEREST

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