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First Ever All-Wheel Drive Porsche 356 “C4S”

First Ever All-Wheel Drive Porsche 356 “C4S”

Known as the ‘AllRad’, this creation by Emory Motorsports combines a 356 Coupe body with a 911 AWD drivetrain for the most versatile 365 ever to roam the roads.

The latest customized Porsche build to come out of Emory Motorsports is a blend of the 356 and 911 technologies to create a Porsche that has the ultimate in performance, as well as appearance. It all stemmed from a client of theirs who wanted to drive a Porsche through snowy ski ares on the East Coast. With this request, the builders decided to commission a 1964 Porsche 356C body and an all-wheel-drive 1990 911 (964) C4 chassis to get the job done. Over the next four years, the highest amount of attention to detail would be needed to complete the build.

It was very important to Emory that all of the 911’s suspension pickup points were retained, but the different wheelbase and rear track made this a challenge. They kept the 356’s wheelbase, shortened the 911’s center tunnel, and the 356’s body was slightly widened to match up with the rear track of the 911. Adjustable coilovers paired to the 911’s chassis to smooth the ride quality, while offering optimized control.

As far as the powertrain is concerned, a proprietary Emory-Rothsport “Outlaw-4” engine powers the build. Backing the engine is the five-speed manual transmission from the 911, and the driveline relays on a rally-style differential bias, that offers independent front-to-rear control, as well as side-to-side manual torque control.

Standard C4 disc brakes take duty on the car to give it its needed stopping power, and it rolls on custom 16×7 powder-coated black wheels. Pirelli Ice Zero tires are wrapped around the wheels to give the car all-weather traction.

Bodywork was done to include a wider rear section, flatter hood, and a roof rack was added to carry bikes, skis, and gear. The total curb weight on this build adds up to a light 2150 pounds.

Writer: Elizabeth Puckett
Published: Feb 21, 2019
Source: motorious

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