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First Battle Of The Builders Champ 1969 Camaro

First Battle Of The Builders Champ 1969 Camaro

Currently up for grabs, this 1969 Chevy Camaro was the very first winner of the Battle of Builders competition in 2014, and that’s just a small highlight of all this first-generation F-Body brings to the table. It’s looking for a new home with a price tag of $449,990, and it’s built from the rubber up with all of the go-fast parts you’d want to see in a proper restomod.

For those not familiar with the Battle of the Builders event, it’s a competition attached to the annual SEMA show – it celebrates and recognizes the skill of SEMA vehicle builders. Considering the platform and the fact that the yearly show in Las Vegas is the biggest aftermarket show in the world, builders and cars recognized under this title are the best of the best, and this Camaro was the very first to get the recognition. The awards don’t stop there though, the car has also won awards for the Goodguys PPG Dream Car, Goodguys Street Machine of the Year, and General Motors design award for Best Chevrolet Sports Car.

So you get the idea, this Camaro is full of prestige, but does it have the goods to back all this up? Short answer: Absolutely. The heart of this builder is a MAST Motorsports built blown LSX 427 cubic-inch engine that processes around 800-horsepower at the crank. Backing the beast of an engine is a TKO five-speed manual transmission, and the car rolls on a full Detroit Speed suspension. With this kind of powertrain, great braking power is absolutely needed, which comes from upgraded Baer brakes.

With looks that could kill, the Camaro features many one-off details to bring together the appearance. Bringing together the steel body lines and flush mounted windows is a coat of PPG’s Glacier White paint, and a phenomenal job on the striping.

Writer: Elizabeth Puckett
Published: Feb 20, 2019
Source: motorious

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