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5 things to bear in mind to avoid scratches and dents on cars

5 things to bear in mind to avoid scratches and dents on cars

We hate dents, we hate scratches but can we do anything to prevent them especially driving on Nigerian sometimes crazy roads?

Introduction: You don hit my car, oyinbo repete!
Do you know how to avoid scratches and dents on your car, truck, jeep, or any other vehicle type in Nigeria? One of my earliest memories of Nigerian Hip Hop has to be Tony Tetuila’s “My Car” released in 2002. It was always a thrill whenever the funny music video came up on the television. I remember always shouting the chorus together with my siblings, “you don hit my car, oyinbo repete, as you don bash my car gbese repete”.

Growing up and finally driving a car, I have had my own scenes of my car being dented and scratched on Nigerian roads. I definitely didn’t find those occasions funny enough to sing. For nearly every Nigerian car owner, we’ve all had similar experiences. Whether it’s a broken side mirror, a cracked bumper, or a dent on the side of your car, it’s never a pleasant experience to fix scratches on car paint. If you’ve just had a paint job on your car, you would have to worry about how to remove scratches on car paint.


There are many factors that contribute to your car being scratched or dented on Nigerian roads. Some could be unavoidable but most, on the other hand, could be avoided. We have decided to provide you some tips on how to prevent your car from being dented or scratched on Nigerian roads.


1. Never park your car carelessly
This is perhaps the most important point and it truly cannot be overemphasized If you’re keen on avoiding scratches on your car. Your car is most likely to be dented if you recklessly park it on the road. Asides highways connecting states and a few other intrastate roads, most roads in Nigeria are not wide enough. If you park your car on such narrow roads, you can almost bet that you will be paying a visit to the panel beater shortly.

It’s best to completely avoid double parking as it increases the chances of your car being brushed and scratched.

It’s always best that you find a parking lot to safely park your car. Besides keeping your car from being dented, most of these parking lots also have security measures in place to protect your car.


2. Drive carefully on the road
If people drove carefully, accidents would drastically reduce on our roads. Our cars would also be free of dents and we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for scratches on cars removal. To save your car from dents, you have to drive responsibly. That’s how to avoid Scratches on your car. That would involve obeying traffic rules and officials on the road.

If you enjoy over-speeding, you need to have a change of heart for the sake of your car. Nigerian roads are far from ideal and are definitely not user friendly. Driving really fast, you are likely to approach potholes, bumps, or even obstacles on the road, suddenly. If you are lucky enough to escape an accident, your car could be seriously dented. Either of these options could be avoided if you simply drove a little slower. Better safe than sorry, right?


3. Allow ample space around your car when you’re driving.
When you are driving, avoid any situation that puts you in too close a proximity to other vehicles, stationary objects, low hanging tree branches, or overgrown shrubs that could scrape the paint and cause a scratch.

When you are in traffic, or “go slow” as Nigerians love to call it, you have to avoid overtaking the car ahead at tight spots. Avoid ramming your car into compact spaces or whatever space will not provide enough room between your car and other cars. You might also want to avoid competing with other drivers for right-of-way. Sooner or later, you’re going to get to your destination but it’s better you get there with your car free of a newly acquired dent.


4. Avoid driving in terrible weather conditions
Except where totally necessary, it’s always best you avoid driving your car in unfavorable weather conditions. If you’re particular on knowing how to avoid dents on your car, you have to pay attention to this point. Most of the dents on the car would likely have come from driving in bad weather. When it’s raining heavily, for example, the vision of nearly all road users is impaired and in a split second, another car could be scratching yours.

Strong winds can also kick up sand, sticks, small stones, or any other object and hurl them at your car. You can’t control the wind but you can control when to drive your car. It helps that you know how to remove moisture build-up in your headlights, so as to see clearly in a storm.

Hailstorms are not common in Nigeria but they happen sometimes. Hails are balls or pellets of ice, usually more than 5 mm in diameter, that fall from the sky. You really do not want to be under them when they fall, and neither should your car. The balls of ice could be heavy enough to crack your windscreen or even make dents on the body of your car.

Rather than take chances, when you predict terrible weather, the wise thing to do is to just commute by public transport. It would definitely cost you much less than paying for dents on cars removal or even removing rust in your car with coke as a result of exposure to water.


5. Don’t allow foreign objects on your car
As a rule of thumb, don’t allow people to put objects on any part of your car. They may even place something permanent like a sticker. In that case, you will need these tips on removing a sticker from your car. Neither should they sit on it, and that also includes you. Sitting or resting on the car could make that part of the car cave in and could only sometimes be straightened out at a repairer’s shop. We all know how much dents in car repair cost.

Where you also have to patronize roadside vendors, make sure to warn them not to put their wares on your car. The container for their wares or even the wares themselves could make scratches on your car especially when those containers are metal.

When you also park your car, you can leave instructions for those around to ensure no one places objects on your car.


In conclusion, caution has to be your watchword if you are intent on keeping your car free of dents and scratches. There are ways to get rid of car dents with hot water without visiting the mechanic, but why go that route at all? Follow these tips on how to avoid scratches and dents on your car, and be very careful while driving.

Writer: Testimony Olajire
Published: 6 June, 2020
Source: Naijauto
Photo Credit: Naijauto

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