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4 different types of car wraps in Nigeria you can do for your car

4 different types of car wraps in Nigeria you can do for your car
Car wrapping is known to protect the original paintwork and also offers the car a stylish aesthetic look. Check out the different types of car wraps in Nigeria you can do to put a new look on your car! Many of us are often accustomed to the idea of painting. We believe paint job can only give that pleasing aesthetic look. Do not get us wrong! A good paint job will do the magic but there are several other ways you can give your ride such a unique and jaw-dropping look on the road. Car wrapping isn’t a new technology. It has been around for so many years now. The culture is less popular here but people still do it and are beginning to buy the idea fully. There is a possibility you have come across some types of car wrap that you might not even know. Wrapping your car comes with a lot of benefits such as protecting the original paint job of your car and also saving you a lot of money. When you get tired of the particular design/look, you can easily remove and change it to a newer one or back to the original paint.

Types of car wraps in Nigeria

1. Glossy wrap

A lot of people would mistake this glossy wrap for the original and classic paint job. Though it takes time, the end result is always remarkable. These types of car wraps look very smooth on the car and are available in several colours. Customers can also get their hands on the metallic flakes. When you fit your car with a glossy car wrap, it gives it a whole new unique, and stylish look. You might want to add this type of car wrap on your watch list.


Glossy wrap gives your car that perfect shinning look

2. Matte wraps

If you are looking for the direct opposite of the earlier car wrap we mentioned here, it is obviously the matte wraps. It isn’t shiny like the glossy wrap. Rather, it gives the metallic feel that is cool and non-reflective of light on the car surface. This matte wrap has a way of making your vehicle stand out on the road by attracting lots of eyes to it. The matte wraps usually create some textures and designs. Usually in Nigeria, people are fond of this matte paint job or wrap on Mercedes products. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other automotive products or brands for that distinctive and appealing look.


Matte car wraps usually last 5 to 7 years depending on the maintenance and finish

3. Satin Wrap

Satin car wrap has successfully blended the metallic look accustomed to glossy wrap and the non-reflective appearance of matte paint. But from all indications, it still bends a little bit to the side of glossy wraps. The satin wrap has proven effective to be an ideal car wrap for professional or marketing appeal. If you are interested in wrapping your car for advertisement purposes, this type of car wrap should suit that purpose perfectly.


Satin car wrap gives the perfect middle point between glossy and matte looks

4. Brushed car wrap

Under this type of car wrap, we have the brushed material car wrap and the other one which is the brushed texture wrap. Both categories are distinctive and attractive in their own sense. If you are on the hunt for a more original look, you should go for the bushed texture car wrap, as it reduces sharp reflection to the barest minimum. On the other hand, it is very easy to install the brushed car wrap.


Brushed wraps are easy to install on a vehicle for that unique look

Final word

Choosing among the various wraps we mentioned is a smart way of protecting the original paint of your car while giving it that unique and exquisite look. The types of car wraps you decide to go for depends on how deep your pocket is. While some are quite expensive just like premium paint, some could be affordable as well.



DATE PUBLISHED: 10/14/2020




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