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GoodLife Automobiles connects buyers and sellers worldwide to cars of their choice. Our automobile sales company is driven by the span and expertise of our Affiliate network.

You will find that our staff are as people-motivated as they are sales-motivated. Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the automobile sectors with the highest standards of client care to buyers and sellers worldwide.

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You could be driving around and not know that your tire pressure is low or too high—which is also dangerous. The tire looks full. The car is moving. Unfortunately, a tire doesn’t have to look flat or bloated to have bad tire pressure. Knowing how to check tire pressure based on manufacturer specifications and driving conditions can help save you money on tires and gas. It will also prevent nasty blowouts, flats, needless accidents and damage to your alignment. Let’s check out how every driver, regardless of mechanical skills, can perform this simple maintenance measure. Why Tire Pressure is Important […]


When you think of the very first car, what do you imagine? Maybe a car made out of tree branches with stone wheels, powered by Fred Flintstone’s feet? Or a quaint little buggy with thin, oversized tires driven by a man wearing a top hat? What did the very first cars look like, and how have they changed over the years? They’re probably a little different than you’d think! Steam and Electricity Power the Earliest Vehicles (1700s-1890s) You may be surprised to find electric vehicles aren’t a new concept. The first automobiles actually ran on steam and electricity. You may […]


We are all familiar with the bangs, clanks and other odd noises our automobiles make when there is a problem. Although it may seem like the best idea is taking a car to a mechanic, it is important to have a general idea as to what is wrong with the car before you take it in. Having a general idea of what is wrong reduces the risk of you getting ripped off at the auto repair shop. Unfortunately, car problems can be tough to diagnose on your own. Sometimes, one problem will cause several symptoms and other times several problems […]